MOVE’s mission


The founders of MOVE realized someone had to reach out to and talk to men who were being violent. The foundation they provided has been broadened and improved to include a range of prevention services, including a highly effective youth program.

Since 1981, MOVE has been calling on Bay Area men to end male violence.

We are a progressive, pro-feminist, social change non-profit organization dedicated to ending young and adult men’s violence in their relationships.

We work to prevent teen dating violence and domestic violence through advocacy for social change, community organizing, training and education on issues relating to partner abuse, child witnesses to violence, men, masculinity and sexism.

In addition we provide comprehensive counseling services to young men who batter or who have witnessed domestic violence in their homes, as well as individual and group counseling for straight and gay adult men who batter.


At MOVE we recognize that violence is both interpersonal and institutional, and that all types of oppression are interconnected. We hold a critical social analysis of male violence, confronting both the abusive man and the social world that promotes and rewards his behavior.

We challenge attitudes and beliefs that lead to violence and promote a cooperative, non-abusive model of masculinity. MOVE calls on Bay Area men to take responsibility for, and to stop their violent behavior.

At MOVE we are combining social and clinical theory to develop effective individual and community interventions to stop male violence.