MOVE’s History

For the Record
Rich Yurman met with four of the men who founded MOVE — read the distillation of a two plus hour discussion.
Our Successes
Find out what MOVE, a nationally recognized batterer intervention program, has accomplished since its inception in 1981.

Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE) was founded in 1981 by a group of men who realized that providing services to domestic violence survivors would not, by itself, end domestic violence.

Someone had to reach out to and talk to men who were being violent. MOVE believes that men’s violence is learned, and can therefor be unlearned. We believe that it is the responsibility of each individual to stop his violence. However, we see a strong cultural component to men’s violence.

Even today, the culture subtly or not so subtly condones, or at best ambivalently confronts, that violence. Further MOVE believes that the same culture that condones men’s violence, also devalues men. It rewards them for overwork while depriving them of meaningful relationships.

We recognize an intergenerational cycle of violence in which children exposed to domestic violence are likely to repeat the behavior as teens or adults. Consequently MOVE works with men and boys to help them:

  • Take responsibility for their violence.
  • Learn healthy ways of expressing themselves in relationship.
  • Understand gender roles and their socialization as men.
  • Lead fulfilling, violence-free lives.

MOVE does this by providing counseling to boys and men who have acted abusively and by providing public violence prevention education for all men and boys. Much of MOVE’s prevention work is done with adolescents in middle school and high school.