AGENCY: MOVE Men Overcoming Violence


1385 Mission St., suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94103

Contact Title: Clinical Director

Contact Person: Mary McDermott

Phone: (415) 626-6683 X313

Youth Program

County: San Francisco

DESCRIPTION: The MOVE Youth Program combines a social analysis of male gender role conditioning with a systems counseling perspective to create specific services for youth that batter. A cognitive “re-education” model is used to effect immediate behavior change, while the young men begin a longer process of understanding the motivation for abuse and the feelings of shame, fear and anger they bring to the program. Our treatment combines group treatment, in order to facilitate social accountability, with family therapy to combat the intergenerational patterns of domestic violence. During group and family therapy we have begun to incorporate drama therapy techniques, capitalizing on the role play behaviors of adolescents.

The MOVE Youth Program is committed to an ethnically and culturally varied staff in order to best serve our client population. Practicum students are involved in all aspects of the program, including, intakes, individual, family and group therapy.

OBJECTIVE: The MOVE Youth Program works to end young men’s violence in their family and dating relationships: challenges the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate the violence; and promotes a co-operative, non-abusive model of masculinity. Providing counseling re-education, professional training, community education and organizing, and advocacy for change in public policy.

TYPE OF THERAPY: Long term, Brief, Individual, Family, Group, Outpatient, Intake

THERORETICAL ORIENTATION: Psycho-dynamic, Family Systems, Cognitive behavioral, behaviorally based cognitive re-education model with a focus on Drama Therapy and Popular Theater.