What MOVE has accomplished

As a nationally recognized batterer intervention program we have been selected by the Federal Department of Justice as a model program and have appeared on nationally syndicated news and talk shows and print media.

The program was also used as a model in the development of statewide standards for California. Recently we were awarded highly competitive grants from the California Department of Health Services and The Federal Violence Against Women Grants Office.

In recognition of our work with youth the MOVE Youth Program was invited this past October to present at the International Conference of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence.

The paper entitled “From Child Witnesses to Adolescent Perpetrators: Strategies and Reflections”, presented MOVE’s work providing comprehensive wrap-around services and accountability strategies for our young male batterers, many of whom who are both victims of as well as perpetrators of domestic violence.

MOVE has worked closely with MCJC over the last 18 months to secure a large federal grant for MOVE and The City and County of San Francisco. This grant from The Department of Justice provides funding to MOVE, The Girls Life Learning Center, and funds a Juvenile Probation Officer to staff a vertical caseload for perpetrators of domestic violence.

Juveniles who have been identified as perpetrators of domestic violence offense are now referred to the caseload of one probation officer who has been trained by MOVE as an expert in the field of Domestic Violence, and functions as a vertical caseload manager to provide close monitoring and specialized supervision in an effort to maintain accountability and victim safety.

MOVE has a longstanding relationship with San Francisco Adult Probation.

MOVE is actively engaged in work to change community attitudes toward domestic violence. MOVE is a longstanding member of the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium and The Family Violence Council.

In addition, we participate in the Violence Prevention Network, and work closely with Community Health Network-Special Programs for Youth, both projects of DPH. MOVE is also along with DPH a member of the San Francisco Collaborative Organized to Prevent Abuse (SFCOPA).