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Issues of Masculinity, power and success effect all men. Those who feel concerned about their ability to live up to personal, familial, or social expectations around these issues are at risk of acting abusively in their relationships.

As men, we are often taught to resolve personal and relational conflict with force and intimidation. Our wives and lovers are prime targets for this abuse. When it comes to masculinity no man should be judged as harshly as all men are. As boys and men we are terrorized in the service of building masculinity.

It is, therefore, little surprise that some men act like terrorists themselves. At MOVE we break the silence around men’s often isolated experience. We bring men together in groups to talk about their experience.

Men offer each other support and confirmation that you can be fully masculine and non-violent.

At MOVE we understand the dynamics behind male violence and how to help men change. We believe that men who feel good about themselves have no reason to hurt others. MOVE offers men the opportunity to deal directly with their emotional needs rather than acting abusively toward the ones they love.

Change is not easy. Men in MOVE groups give each other the support they need to stop their violence. For many men who come to MOVE, it is the first time they have had the opportunity to speak with other men about the things that are important to them: their hopes, concerns, fears etc.

Learning alternatives to abusive masculinity allows men to live more open, liberated lives with deeper, mutual, more satisfying relationships.

Men can take the first step in changing their abusive behavior by calling MOVE at 415. 626-MOVE. Call today.

MOVE Gay/Bi Program

Services for Gay and Bisexual Men who have been abusive to their partners.

Established in 1987 as one of the first programs for gay and bisexual men who batter, the MOVE Gay/Bi program provides individual and group counseling for men who have been violent or abusive towards their partners.

We know that up to 30% of all gay and bisexual relationships involve domestic violence. Name calling, shaming, forced sex, threats of leaving or having an affair, as well as hitting, slapping, kicking and punching are all different aspects of intimate abuse.

Our 52 week program enables gay and bisexual men who have been abusive towards their partners to take responsibility for their violence and change their abusive behavior. It provides men with an opportunity to explore the root causes of their violence, to learn practical anger management skills. The MOVE Gay/Bi Program also offers men an opportunity to work towards finding non-abusive ways of living together in a society that perpetrates homophobic violence.

Move Phase III

A Collective Of Men Dedicated To Ending Violence In Their Communities.

MOVE is offering a unique opportunity to it’s current and past graduates, to participate in a collective of men who have begun to look at the ways in which sexism and male socialization enables men to be abusive to women and have expressed a desire to change.

The GOAL of the group will be to effect change in the community, to restore justice and give back what they have learned.

The group will collaborate on an idea to educate their community on the effects of domestic violence and implement a plan.

WHERE: MOVE 1385 Mission St. suite 300
COST: The groups will be free as MOVE would like to support men in their continued growth.
TO JOIN: Email us.

MOVE’s Anger Management Group

Our Anger Management Group is different from and not offered as an alternative to our Batterer Intervention Program. We do not think Anger Management is an appropriate referral for men who are abusive or violent with an intimate partner. MOVE has been helping men stop abusing loved ones for twenty years. The experience and insights gained in that work provide a very useful perspective on what it takes to handle anger. Chronic anger has been shown to have serious health consequences.

A Twelve-Week Group will teach you:

  • To recognize your Warning Signs before an explosion
  • To avoid outbursts that leave you and others shaken
  • To recognize available options in any stressful situation
  • To identify the internal triggers that create toxic levels of anger
  • To negotiate calmly for what you want
  • To create stronger relationships at home and at work
  • To develop resources for meeting your emotional needs

Group participation requires a 12-week commitment.

Fees from $25 to $40 per session. Insurance accepted.